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i for Inspiration
We derive our inspiration from nature -- the infinite treasure trove that is always full. Numerous mysteries of nature wait to be unravelled everyday... reminding us of the huge potential within us that just needs to be tapped.

i for Ideation
The human mind is subject to, and limited only by, our individual beliefs, or non-beliefs. And we believe, the mind transcends all boundaries, and that its power can even make the impossible seem possible.

i for Innovation
A constant endeavour to achieve and excel, a drive to emerge as bigger and better in the media space lead us to seek simple answers to complex questions.

i for Information
Information is the ingredient to the formation of the objects of desire. And our emphasis is on amalgamating quality information on a platter that is hard to resist.

i for Implementation
A media that translates inspiration, ideation, innovation, information to final implemention is what IMCL is all about.

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